At Verser, we prepare assets to be functional and ready for users in the way it was made to be from day one.

Installation of new equipment and logistics coordination.

Inter-site and relocation

Data and user profile migration

Project management providing single point of contact and accountability.

In-transit insurance and risk management

De-installation that is complaint with global standards

Project Management

Customers can be assured that every project is completed on time and within budget. Verser project management is assign to all services offered and provide single points of contact, accountability and quality management all the way through the project. We understand what it takes to provide the best services to customers and ensure that all risks are identified prior to scheduling. Stakeholders are kept close and communicated continously with updates, hand holding all aspects and allowing customers to focus on other business requirements.

Deployment Specialists

Networks and IT can take advantage of Verser’s customer orientated Deployment Services. Shorter time to market requires faster development in building and expanding network and IT systems. Experienced implementations maximize the lifespan of infrastructures and installed equipment, cutting costs in process. Verser can provide first-class Deployment Services to deliver turn-key multi-vendor network and IT solutions. In deploying thousands of different types of assets nationally every year into every sector enabled Verser to become experts over the last 15 years.

It is easy to understand why Verser has become preferred partners for deploying and de-installation:

General Assets: Desktops / Notebooks / Laptops / Servers / Monitors
Networking Assets: WAP / Routers / Racking / Switching / Firewalls
Power Supply Assets: UPS / Battery Replacement / PDU 

Forward and Reverse Logistics

Connected and charged with global freight partners, a national fleet of 10+ branded trucks and vehicles, has become renowned in many industry verticals.

Our ability to reach all corners is driven by our comprehensive projects team and in-house developed Job & Asset management systems. Making us experts in configuring and customising contract logistics services that are specific to the customers needs and growth strategy.

Our Service Delivery

A broad spectrum of services allows customers to pick and choose accordingly to their IT Service challenges.

Get the experts in tackling the most complex environments to reduce risk and avoid hidden costs for customers.


Enable end-users to begin working immediately on receipt of their new devices. Pre-delivery imaging, kitting and customisation at scale or for individual end users.



Comprehensive delivery & installation for all asset types, leveraging our national network of facilities and technicans for Projects or ad-hoc requirements.


Predict, minimise and reduce costs while enhancing workforce productivity by leaning on Verser's multi-level technical capabilities. Use our scheduled or ad-hoc support, ongoing resources and device & warranty management services to reduce strain on internal resources.

Disposal & Buyback

Effective, secure and responsible disposal services aligned with international standards ensure customers are avoiding assets landing in landfills.
Certified data sanitisation & buyback services improving customer ROI by +-25%.


Services specifically aligned to tackle any stage of a mobile asset lifecycle. Fully functional & dedicated secure processing facility designed towards configuration, MDM enrolment, EOL, grading and deployment services for all mobile assets.

Our deployment service helps organisations to carry on with business as usual.

Leave it to our team to ensure every part of your business is receiving the best IT service delivery today.

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