Buyback & Disposal

At Verser, we make the right decision about how and where used IT assets are disposed.

Certified and Trusted

ISO and R2 certified facilities.

Certified Data Security

Your Privacy and Data are in safe hands.

Downstream Matters

Our processes are transparent.

Think Re-Use

Prolong the value and life of your assets.

Secure Transport & Facilities

Tracked vehicles, secure facilities.

Fleet Buyback

Get value for your investment.

Effective Data Erasure

It is all too well known that data security is on the top of the list with CIO’s. Verser is the leading provider of enterprise ITAD, on-site data destruction and e-waste recycling. Our services reduce the risk, cost and complexity of managing IT assets and consumer electronics in compliance with environmental and data security regulations. Certified Data Destruction is provided by our specialised team at Verser and capable of up to 7 pass data wiping of all types of assets. We are proud to host a mobile specific unit dedicated to processing mobile assets for any size customer requirements. Capable of up to 25000+ assets wiped per month. Onsite or offsite, we have multiple solutions towards effective data security such as deguassing, shredding, erasure and more… both onsite and offsite…

Sustainable Recycling

In 2013, the Australian government started a A$5 billion incentive program giving state governments an additional 15% of the capital recycled from existing assets and reinvested in new infrastructure. Between 2013 and 2016, NSW leased about A$15 billion of infrastructure assets to private investors, and allocated about A$6 billion to new projects, without raising additional public debt. Infrastructure asset recycling manages to fund new projects by addressing the mismatch between government infrastructure promises and the goals of private investors. For this reason Verser enables effective and sustainable recycling through many years of experience in the industry. If you are not providing a solution to your customers complete asset lifecycle, you are only contributing to the worlds e-waste issues. Verser provides multiple solutions to effectively add to the environment and provide capital towards new infrastructures nationally to customers alike.

Responsible & Reliable

Sustainability starts with compliance with national or international regulations and standards, which demonstrate own levels of responsible IT asset management regarding data erasure, degaussing or secure disposition of electronic waste. Verser understands these needs and proactively seeks to attain various standards in order to lead and demonstrate inclination towards effective methods of recycling of assets. R2 and ISO 14001 are common standards within Verser thus enabling responsible recycling methods and re-marketing of IT assets giving hardware another use in life. Verser buyback programs are the leading method to increasing ROI by up to 45% within 3 years of an IT assets lifetime.

Our Service Delivery

A broad spectrum of services allows customers to pick and choose accordingly to their IT Service challenges.

Get the experts in tackling the most complex environments to reduce risk and avoid hidden costs for customers.


Enable end-users to begin working immediately on receipt of their new devices. Pre-delivery imaging, kitting and customisation at scale or for individual end users.



Comprehensive delivery & installation for all asset types, leveraging our national network of facilities and technicans for Projects or ad-hoc requirements.


Predict, minimise and reduce costs while enhancing workforce productivity by leaning on Verser's multi-level technical capabilities. Use our scheduled or ad-hoc support, ongoing resources and device & warranty management services to reduce strain on internal resources.

Disposal & Buyback

Effective, secure and responsible disposal services aligned with international standards ensure customers are avoiding assets landing in landfills.
Certified data sanitisation & buyback services improving customer ROI by +-25%.


Services specifically aligned to tackle any stage of a mobile asset lifecycle. Fully functional & dedicated secure processing facility designed towards configuration, MDM enrolment, EOL, grading and deployment services for all mobile assets.

Our disposal service helps organisations to be confident their assets won’t end up in the wrong hands or landfill.

Let us keep control over your companies assets disposal with leading international standards.

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