At Verser, we prepare IT & Mobile assets to hit the ground running in style.

Software Ready

Imaging, app installation, security, enrolment via SCCM, DEP or MDM pre-delivery for ‘plug and play’ end user experience.

Tailored Kitting

Built bundles, kitting device & accessories, collateral & marketing inserts for end users.

Checked, Reported & Verified

Quality Assurance Inventory Evaluation including DOA, acceptance testing, stock reporting and order validation.

Electrical Test & Tag

Electrical safety testing & tagging before delivery ensure passing critical safety tests for safe working environments.

Asset Tag & Labelling

Efficient, effective application, verification and documenting services.

Component Upgrades

Experienced component & driver installation services for any configuration across all devices.

Software Ready

Lower pressures for end users and create seamless deployments for any customer requirements whether simple or complex. Imaging, application configuration or specialised software including SCCM, DEP, JAMF, MDM enrolments are everyday occurrence within our Technical Facilities. 

Vendor agnostic services to assets that enable that “Plug & Play” personalised device exceeding all expectations is our goal. The assets can be ready to go prior to arrival or onsite at the click of button with Verser. 

Tailored Staging & Kitting

Provide a unique comprehensive staging and kitting service capability that combine multiple devices, accessories, marketing inserts and even customised packaging to deliver the most cost effective and tailored solution for any customer order requirements. Include Electrical Test & Tagging to ensure passing of critical safety tests for safe working environments or unique component upgrading to assets for those specialised configurations.

We only employ the best, and we make sure all relevant quality assurance streamlined processes are kept current.

Asset Tag & Labelling

Allow essential tracking of assets from day one is the simplest task with our expert configuration team. Tagging and labelling services tailored towards customer requirements ensure tracking are met without compromise. While our engineers capture multiple identifiers, why not integrate new assets into existing asset management systems or utilise our system, enabling further custom reporting . Receive reports daily, weekly, or monthly— back to back effective methods to identify and secure assets. 

Remote & Dynamic Staging

Verser can provide set solutions targeted at extending your imaging environment into a powerful and robust staging center through secure remote VPN through a high speed dedicated connection direct from the Verser facility. Success comes with providing our partners with direct control over their devices and ability to remotely manage their entire staging process from the comfort of their own office locations. Application installation, domain join, BIOS config allow a personlised touch prior to delivery. Ability to provide your own Physical and Virtual Servers along with physical security media boot are common optional features taken up by premium partners.

Our Service Delivery

A broad spectrum of services allows customers to pick and choose accordingly to their IT Service challenges.

Get the experts in tackling the most complex environments to reduce risk and avoid hidden costs for customers.


Enable end-users to begin working immediately on receipt of their new devices. Pre-delivery imaging, kitting and customisation at scale or for individual end users.



Comprehensive delivery & installation for all asset types, leveraging our national network of facilities and technicans for Projects or ad-hoc requirements.


Predict, minimise and reduce costs while enhancing workforce productivity by leaning on Verser's multi-level technical capabilities. Use our scheduled or ad-hoc support, ongoing resources and device & warranty management services to reduce strain on internal resources.

Disposal & Buyback

Effective, secure and responsible disposal services aligned with international standards ensure customers are avoiding assets landing in landfills.
Certified data sanitisation & buyback services improving customer ROI by +-25%.


Services specifically aligned to tackle any stage of a mobile asset lifecycle. Fully functional & dedicated secure processing facility designed towards configuration, MDM enrolment, EOL, grading and deployment services for all mobile assets.

Our configuration services empower organisations to increase turnaround time for deployments.

Let us handle the challenges and enable assets to be ready for users out of the box.

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