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Verser is Australia’s premier provider of IT asset handling and remarketing services.

Over 15 years of delivering excellent customer experiences.

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True Lifecycle Management

Verser is uniquely positioned to solve challenges throughout the IT device lifecycle, whether that’s within EUC computing, Mobility, Enterprise or Comms. Any time there’s a device being used to communicate or consume data, Verser has the solution to make it easier to prepare, deliver, support, manage or dispose.


In an ideal world, any device delivered to a user, or into a working environment, is ready to go the minute it’s delivered. Whether that means it needs a custom image, security config, kit or accessories, we have ‘just in time’ solutions that save time and effort, pre-delivery. We say, remember the 6 P’s of Planning and get Verser involved.


Verser brings the scale to the project. When clients want devices delivered, installed and set up for use, we develop and execute planning to get that done with minimum disruption – anywhere around the country, any time of day or night. Using Verser means core internal support staff can focus on their jobs and leave the grunt work to us. Minimum fuss, maximum efficiency.


Verser provides Ad-hoc, scheduled or permanent support through our national network of engineers and technicians. Geographically diverse? No problem, Various technologies and devices? That’s fine too. Tight schedule? We’ve got it covered.


Maybe you just need help for a short period, or perhaps you have longer term needs or projects where we can bring our national team of resources into play. Internal managed recruitment, qualification and security checks, payroll and training. Our team finds the right people with the appropriate skills and temperament to slot right into your team.


Verser has achieved the highest recognition with R2 and ISO accreditation covering our disposal process. Have confidence that we provide secure, ethical services with positive environmental outcomes. Data security is assured by our use of both industry-leading erasure software and physical data destruction techniques. And with access to local and international markets, excess assets, in working condition can always be disposed of for value, using the same compliance-centric processes.


Mobiles need just as much attention as the rest of the IT fleet, but are often ignored or put in the “too hard basket” or worse, the top drawer. Managed services for mobiles isn’t just MDM/MAM, it’s also preparation, distribution, in-use support and proper disposal.

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